When it comes to promoting your business online many swear by the power of Twitter. We too are passionate advocates here at TweakDorks and constantly hum on about the value Twitter brings when it comes to communicating directly with customers, industry influencers and prospects. Unfortunately most businesses who’ve tried Twitter find it hard, time consuming, tedious and generally unproductive.

A big reason for this is that businesses aren’t using the right tools to streamline their Twitter activity and improve their results. We thought we’d highlight 4 of our favorite Twitter tools that you should be using today.



Quite honestly the beezneez when it comes to Twitter tools, Followerwonk is outstanding for helping businesses understand their audiences and what they like to read. There are a ton of tools here but the 3 main things you need to start using right now are:

Compare Users

This is a pretty killer feature that allows you to analyze followers across different accounts and pinpoint your target market. For example say you’re an outdoor clothing store who wants to start targeting people who like outdoor activities on Twitter. Using the compare feature you can take the 3 big Twitter accounts in this industry (Pantagonia, Osprey, The North Face) and see who follows all three accounts. These guys would be a perfect audience to follow, engage with and hopefully have them follow back.

Search Twitter Bios

One of the things I really love about Followerwonk is the search bio tool. You can start finding Twitter accounts based on keywords used in their bio and also set parameters around geographical location and number of followers etc. Super powerful for finding twitter accounts that are influential in your niche and connecting with them. It’s also great for targeting the accounts who will resonate most with your Twitter content. Below is an example of one we did for those who have soccer in their bio and say they are located in the UK.

Analyze followers

Followerwonk can also help you dive deeper into understanding your followers and how to best reach them. This report is chock full of information but more importantly you can analyze what times they are most active, where they live, and also what topics they tend to tweet about. This can help you put out content more likely to engage your followers and reach them on a personal level, which really is the whole purpose of social media.


This idea is genius. Active participants on social media have noticed for a while now that many people are starting to use Twitter as their own personal Google. They are asking the Twitter world for answers to their questions ranging from baking a cake to finding a dress. InboxQ allows you to tap into this phenomenon by searching for the questions people are asking. Say you are a baker.

You can run searches through InboxQ to see what people are asking about preparing some scrumptious sweets and reach out to them. It is a great way to build a reputation as the ‘go-to’ expert and even pick up some customers along the way.


If there’s one thing that people hate about Twitter it’s scheduling posts. Buffer makes this super easy. Every time you find content you want to Tweet about just add it into the queue, construct your Tweet and it queues up. Even better you can preset the times that you want your schedule tweets to go out which can be determined by knowing when your followers are most active (Followerwonk anyone?).

They even have a nice Google Chrome plugin that makes adding anything to your buffer queue super easy. Highly highly recommended. We love this at Tweaky HQ. You can also add other social profiles as well.


Twilert is another really handy tool that is similar to InboxQ. It allows you to get automatic email alerts on tweets that contain your brand name, product or service. You make a list of keywords that pertain to your business, and Twilert will send you an email when the keywords are used. It is a great way to keep an eye on conversations and jump in when when it relates to your brand or if you can add some value. It’s also really handy for making sure you put yourself in front of potential customers who are thinking of your brand/service.


So there it is, 4 tools we absolutely love for killing it at Twitter. Make no mistake, Twitter is a fantastic resource for businesses to grow their online presence. While it does take an investment of time and resources, leveraging tools can make your work infinitely easier and effective.

If you need help with Twitter or any marketing in general why not get a Free Marketing Consultation from TweakDorks.com? We’d love to help craft a marketing strategy for you.

What do you think of our list above? Do you have any other Twitter Tools you’d recommend? Share with us below.

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