At TweakDorks.com we help people make small changes to their existing websites. We get a lot of requests for responsive website layouts and while we can definitely do the work we like to be sure that our clients need it done before they start spending their hard earned money on the solution – we like to think this is helpful for everyone.

Responsive design is about making a website attractive to view on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. It’s about finding ways to re-arrange the content on the screen to make it easier to consume on mobile devices.

We get a lot of people asking us to make their website responsive, but often we find that customers want their site to work on a mobile device before they know whether anyone will consume their content in this way.

Responsive Web Design

How many of your customers access your site via mobile devices?

Before investing any time or energy into a responsive site you should find out exactly how many of your customers are accessing your website from a mobile device.

You can find this out fairly quickly using Google Analytics by looking at the Mobile view under Audience. For TweakDorks.com we get around 5% of all of our traffic from mobile devices – that’s not a whole heap of traffic for us right now. Overtime it may become a priority but overall we’re better off spending our time focusing on other areas of the product.

If we were getting 30/40 or 50% we might take a bit more notice but overall we know that our site doesn’t look bad on mobile handsets, it just doesn’t look great.

How many customers are you expecting to consume on mobile devices?

The next question to ask yourself is how many customers are you expecting to consume this content on mobile devices. Is it the kind of content people want to consumer when they’re away from their desktop? Perhaps it’s relevant to a particular location or it’s the kind of viral content that people are constantly consuming?

For many people your website is viewed on standard desktop machines and the functionality isn’t enhanced by being able to view it on a mobile device.

In conclusion

At TweakDorks.com we would prefer to help you make informed decisions about the tweaks you get to your existing website instead of selling you something you don’t need.

The importance of mobile friendly, responsible design is going to become increasingly popular – but for now I think it’s a matter of assessing your priorities to determine if you want need to make the investment just yet.

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